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This memorial website was created in the memory of our beloved Son, Edward Eckert Jr. who was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania on    February 25, 1980 and passed away on November 03, 2004 in Lancaster County, PA, at the age of 24.

We Will Remember Him And Love Him Forever!

       He Will Be Forever In Our Hearts!

Our son asked that this song playing to be played at his viewing. It is You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban

Obituary: Edward M. Eckert Jr., 24,
husband of Gwen L. Hess Eckert, 8 East Main Street, Reinholds,
died Wednesday, Nov 3. Besides his wife, he is survived by
his parents Edward M. and Virginia L. Boyd Eckert: a son Tyler M. Eckert:
two daughters, Brittany Eckert Flickinger and Madison Eckert Stauffer;
a sister, Virginia L., wife of Scott Flickinger, maternal grandfather, Robert T. Boyd: and paternal grandmother; Verna M. Eckert.

Our Son Lost His Battle With His Depression
  That Ended His Life Here On Earth!

Known to most people as Eddie or Ed Jr. Our son enjoyed spending time with his son. Eddie's hobbies included working on cars, singing, reading, shooting billards, shooting basketball, talking, fishing and drawing. 
Eddie enjoyed meeting people, he had a great sense of humor, and enjoyed being around people. He was a very sensitive person, and a caring person. He enjoyed helping other people. He will be missed dearly.

My Poem To My Son!
(Our Last Day)
By Virginia L. Eckert

(now Boyd due to a divorce with his father, I took my maiden name back which is now Boyd!)

By Virginia L. Boyd
Copyright Protected

Wish I had just one more day
There was so much more I wanted to say
Thoughts of you taking your life was all that mattered
My heart being torn apart and shattered
The phones in our hands were our only connection
I Prayed Dear Lord Please Give Me Direction
As I tried so hard to make you think and stop
All my words that day seemed like a total flop
Your life flashed before me in those final hours
My tears were many of those like hard showers
Our call ended with no good bye, but see you later
We both knew we would meet in Heaven next to our Creator
At two forty eight p.m. I felt a lifting, like a pulling ray
I knew in my heart it was over, and no more could I say
God took you home, so your mind could have peace
For me, November Third Two Thousand and Four refuses to cease
Now you are gone and I feel so alone
My mind filled with fog turned into a stone
This Mothers Heart now tattered and torn
Now missing and grieving her only son ever to be born.
To My Little Brother,
Today is your 26th birthday.  Happy Birthday, Skets!  I miss you more than any words could ever express.  I took a balloon to your cemetary today.  I hope you liked it.  I think about you everyday and sometimes it seems like every moment of everyday.  I don't think the pain will ever go away.  I pray that it will lessen as time goes on, but I will never forget you.  You are a part of who I was in the past and who I am today.  You would be proud of me today.  I am finally in recovery and going to meetings for my addiction.  I am also attending church.  I am slowly learning how to live life on life's terms instead of on my own terms.  I watched a video of you singing last night.  I cried like a baby.  You seemed so close yet so far away.  I know in my heart that you are happy now and are no longer suffering.  The ones who are left behind are the ones that truly suffer.  I am trying to come to terms with your choice, but I am a selfish person.  I still want you back with us, but I understand why you made the choice that you did.  I also suffer from Bipolar Disorder.  You inspired me to take an active role in my mental healthcare.  I am taking my medications and going to therapy.  I know this is something that you would want me to do.  I love you so much, Eddie.  I always have, and I always will.  Happy Birthday!

With Eternal Love,
Duck  (Your Sister)


This site is here because my son asked me to never let his children forget him, So may all the family and  friends and Eddie's friends  feel free to share with me your feelings and your memories of him!

I could not think of a better way to keep his memory alive for all of us!

Tributes and Condolences
I love you and miss you so much.   / Mom (Son)
Hello my Son! Yesterday Dave and I had to drive to The VA hospital in Lebanon. On the way there I noticed how high the corn has grown and all I could think about was my baby boy. The day you died the corn behind the car was at full growth. Some...  Continue >>
Your Time Is Nearing   / Ducky (Sister)
Hi Eddie, I really hate this time of year.  I get so depressed and dread the falling of the leaves.  The memory of the day you left us reminds me of the leaves crunching under my feet.  It gives me goosebumps to even think about it.&n...  Continue >>
Another Year   / Mom (Mom)
My son another year has gone by I knew the time was drawing near by the corn as I tried so hard for it not to come today but it came anyway for us once again. There are many things going on in my life that are good and I only wish you could be ...  Continue >>
Another Birthday Without you!   / Mom
Dear Eddie, I missed you so much at my Birthday Party,I know my life will never be the same or complete without you in it. Some days I still cannot get my mind off of what happened to you. I still wish I could have talked you out of what you did, and...  Continue >>
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His legacy
My Son's Poem he wrote after the terror attack called 9-11  
9-11 isn''t just a date or time
It''s a memory of terror for yours and mine

It''s a date forever etched in the back of our minds
With no descrimination, it suffered all kinds

White, black, every race in between
The terrorists struck because of what they had seen

They saw love, freedom, and prosperity but because
They were blind they couldn''t see

Because they were evil they died in vain their
Depressed nation had nothing to gain

They poked fun at the freedom our soldiers provide
Who''s laughing now, we have the pride

For all those who died at that dreadful time
Throw your flags down from heaven I''ll wave them with mine!

Edward Eckert Jr.

Copyright ©2006 Edward Eckert Jr.
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Eddie with Mom and Dad
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